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Lise de la Salle joins Ivy Artists

 de la salle

We are extremely pleased to announce that the exciting young pianist Lise de la Salle is joining the Ivy Artists roster from season 2011-12. Before that season you can hear her with many different orchestra's or in the important recital halls all over the world. You can also listen to her very well received CD recodings on the Naive label or go to her website and listen to her in live concerts. Lise de la Salle

Concentration on the essential.

Can one expect that of a sixteen-year-old girl? Lise de la Salle is sixteen. She is serious, and concentrates on the essential. The piano is her means of expression; she can say more with it than she can in words. She aware of the long and hallowed musical tradition to which she belongs; she knows all about greatness, seriousness and dignity. Yet much still lies before her. Now she plays with the tools available to her. She does not want to dazzle and glitter, to seduce and pretend. She wants to be herself. And that means . . . concentration on the essential, on her present capacities. A readily intelligible, yet exquisitely realised pianistic universe. Light and filigree, even angular in her touch; supremely at ease, yet sometimes also bold in technical display; gracefully balanced in matters of rhythm; measured in her dynamics. Her attitude is by no means recklessly subjective, but rather highly astute, wholly sincere, perfectly suited to her present purposes. Restrained, even reserved from time to time, never childishly naive, but intelligent and clear.

  Lise de la Salle can do many things, and knows even more. Yet she does not flaunt her talents; she integrates moments of virtuosity in an overall context, cultivating a piano sound that is sufficient unto itself yet unfolds with great richness. With her, 'austerity' does not signify 'plainness', but consciousness of the essential, insofar as that is available to an artist of precociously mature gifts. Not for its own sake, but as an act of communication. Lise de la Salle wants to speak through the piano, perhaps also to convey things that, at her present age, she cannot express verbally. Thus her playing constantly gains in depth of sound, in passion, in ineffability ­ and there sitting in front of us is a sixteen-year-old, earnest but smiling, no over-drilled child prodigy, but not a finished artist either. A questing spirit, full of humility and curiosity, of astonishment and joy in what she has already achieved and discovered. Sure of herself creatively yet open-minded, perfectly controlled in her playing yet not content to stick to the status quo.

Photo : Patrick Berger

Tuesday, 16th of January